Pre-Teen Weightlifter Faces Heavy Challenge in 'Supergirl' Doc (Exclusive Video)

The film follows Naomi Kutin and her Orthodox Jewish family as she fights to hold on to her title while dealing with adolescent issues.

Naomi Kutin is a pre-teen girl from New Jersey, who's also a record-breaking weightlifter.

Her story is at the center of the documentary Supergirl, which is set to have its world premiere at this year's Hamptons International Film Festival, kicking off next week.

The film, directed by Jessie Auritt, follows Kutin and her Orthodox Jewish family as she breaks a powerlifting world record and becomes an international phenomenon. She fights to hold on to her title while preparing for her Bat Mitzvah and dealing with the challenges of adolescence.

"When I first heard about Naomi Kutin, I knew that beneath all the headlines and hype there was a young girl with a unique story to tell and some extraordinary experiences ahead of her," Auritt says. "I am so grateful to Naomi and her family for opening up their lives to me and my team, and allowing us to create a documentary that explores strength in all forms, gender stereotypes in sports and religion, and the power of family."

She believes Kutin's story will "inspire adults and kids, men and women alike."

In the exclusive clip above, Kutin struggles with an especially heavy lift: 255 pounds. Will she do it? Watch to find out.

Auritt produced the film with Carmen Delaney.