'Diana' Trailer: Naomi Watts Meets Adoring Crowds as Princess of Wales (Video)

Diana - H 2012

Diana - H 2012

The film is directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel and focuses on the last years of the icon's life.

The first look at Naomi Watts in the forthcoming Princess Diana biopic has arrived. 

The wordless trailer shows the stately life of the U.K. icon, the adoring masses that arrived to meet her at public appearances and the frenzied tabloid coverage and hounding paparazzi that accompanied those visits. 

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Diana, which was previously titled Caught in Flight, is directed by Downfall's Oliver Hirschbiegel and tells the story of the last years of the life of the princess. The film also portrays Diana's relationship with Dr. Hasnat Khan (portrayed by Naveen Andrews).

At Cannes in May, Entertainment One acquired the U.S. distribution rights to the film. The title is billed in the trailer with the line, "The legend is never the whole story." 

Watch below: