Eva Marie Saint Praises Naomi Watts' 'Impossible' Performance (Video)

The Oscar winner for 1954’s “On the Waterfront” tells THR earlier awards seasons were less hyped than they are today.

Screen legend Eva Marie Saint has a high opinion of Naomi Watts and her Oscar-nominated turn in The Impossible.

Sitting next to Watts, Saint recalled watching the film with her husband, director Jeffrey Hayden.

“I’m into that movie. It’s a beautifully, beautifully directed movie,” Saint said of the film, which also stars Ewan McGregor and centers on a family ripped apart during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

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She also reminisced about her best supporting actress win for 1954’s On the Waterfront, noting there was significantly less hype surrounding awards season in those days. There was also a smaller emphasis on one’s Oscar speech.

“If you received an award, you said ‘thank you.’ You didn’t have to be clever. You didn’t have to talk very long,” Saint said.

Saint's Oscar win came just two days before she gave birth. “I think I said, ‘Thank you. I’m so excited I may have the baby right here,' " she recalled.

Watts admitted she wished she could have worked back in Saint’s era, prompting the veteran to joke about an On the Waterfront remake with the younger actress playing her part.

“There are many eras before this one that I would have liked to have existed in,” Watts said.

Watch the video above.