Naomi & Wynonna Judd React to Ashley's Molestation Claims

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Ashley Judd isn't the only one with something to talk about.

In her new memoir, All That Is Bitter & Sweet, the actress claims to have been sexually abused and neglected as a child.

Her mom, Naomi, and sister, Wynonna, appeared on The View Thursday to promote their new OWN documentary series The Judds, and discussed Ashley's allegations, Access Hollywood reports.

When asked by Barbara Walters if she felt her daughter had been neglected, Naomi replied, "In a way, I do, but the thing I want to acknowledge is, I adore my daughter. These two girls, and my husband, of course, Larry, are the joy of my life, and I support Ashley." 

While Whnonna, who also discussed being abused in her 2007 book, Coming Home To Myself, said she may not agree with her sister, but she'd always support her. 

“People are trying to almost pit us against each other and I want to come out and say, ‘Listen, we agree to disagree in our family, but we show up and support each other for who we are," said the singer.