Napa Valley Film Festival Sets Lineup, Says Earthquake Won't Cause Delay

Song One Sundance Film Still - H 2014

Song One Sundance Film Still - H 2014

"The show must go on"

Days after the Napa Valley suffered a 6.0 magnitude earthquake, the Napa Valley Film Festival has announced its lineup, saying the show will go on.

“Our thoughts are with everyone in the Napa Valley who have suffered losses from the recent earthquake,” said Co-Founder/Artistic Director Marc Lhormer. “We are proud to be part of a community that rallies in support of each other in such a generous and big-hearted way. As they say in the business, the show must go on.”

Entries include Song One, starring Anne Hathaway, and Billie Joe Armstrong's Like Sunday, Like Rain .  The festival takes place Nov. 12-16.

Find the lineup below.


Thank You A Lot, written and directed by Matt Muir

East Side Sushi, written and directed by Anthony Lucero

Fall To Rise, written and directed by Jayce Bartok

Little Accidents, written and directed by Sara Colangelo

Like Sunday, Like Rain, written and directed by Frank Whaley

Sun Belt Express, directed by Evan Buxbaum

Sam & Amira, directed by Sean Mullin

Song One, directed by Kate Barker-Froyland

The Road Within, directed by Gren Wells

Kinderwald, directed by Lise Raven

Wildlike, wirtten and directed by Frank Hall Green

For the list of documentary competition films, head over to the festival's website.