Naples to develop film studio

Pumping $25.6 mil into Bagnoli project

ROME -- The city of Naples and other local government organizations will invest €20 million ($25.6 million) in a plan to turn an abandoned industrial area called Bagnoli into professional film studios, according to a report in Friday's edition of news magazine L'Espresso.

Bagnoli, adjacent to the Mediterranean's Bay of Pozzuoli, was a steal mill in the early 1900s. The mill was removed in the 1990s, and part of it was turned into public parks, educational facilities and a convention center. But a large part remains unused.

A spokesman for the City of Naples confirmed the story but would not elaborate. The article itself said that the new studios would include Italy's largest backlot outside of Rome's historic Cinecitta studios.

But the studios would be small -- just 8,000 square meters, or about a fifth the size of Cinecitta. A timetable for completion of the project was not released.
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