'Narnia' Star William Moseley Hit by Lightning During 'Silent Mountain' Shoot

The British actor and nine other "Silent Mountain" crewmembers were injured during filming in Italy.

COLOGNE, Germany – British actor William Moseley, best known for his role as Peter Pevensie in the Chronicles of Narnia films, was hit by lightning during the shoot for his new film, The Silent Mountain.

Moseley plays a young Austrian solider about to get married to his betrothed Francesca (played by Eugenia Costantini) as Europe descends into World War I. Claudia Cardinale also stars.

Moseley and nine other Silent Mountain crew members, including camerawoman Daniela Knapp, were injured while filming a scene on location in the Dolomite Mountains of Northern Italy.

"We were filming in one of the original WW1 huts the Austrian soldiers had been positioned in,” Moseley said. “The camera rolled, all was quiet when suddenly a lightning bolt came through the roofs of two huts and struck nine of the crew and myself.”

Moseley was hit in the arm but helped care for the other injured crew members until help arrived, said EastWest Filmdistribution, which is handling worldwide sales for The Silent Mountain. Camerawoman Knapp was admitted to hospital with a black eye and suffering from shock but released on Tuesday. The production has resumed shooting.

“We are all fine and well. It was a freak of nature,” Moseley said, adding “we have pulled together and this traumatic experience has really bonded us.”

Ernst Gossner is directing The Silent Mountain with Heinz Stussak of the Oscar-nominated Revanche producing. The Silent Mountain is a co-production of Sigma Film and Vent Productions. Constantin Film will release the film in Austria.