NASCAR Fans Injured After Car Wreckage Flies Into Stands (Video)

NASCAR Crash - H 2013
Jerry Markland

UPDATED: 28 people were hurt at the Nationwide Series Drive4COPD 300 in Daytona.

Spectators at a NASCAR race in Daytona were injured Saturday when debris from a crash was hurled into the stands.

The crash involving several cars came near the conclusion of the Nationwide Series Drive4COPD 300, held on the same track where the Daytona 500 will be held Sunday. CNN reported the crash came as a few cars packed close together were racing toward the finish line.

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Driver Kyle Larson’s car flew into the fence separating the track from the spectators, the impact causing the car to separate into multiple pieces. Many of its parts, including its engine, flew into the stands. Some wreckage was projected 20 feet into the second level of stands.

The race was broadcast live on ESPN, with NASCAR president Mike Helton telling the network several people were taken to an area hospital. Hours later, the Associated Press reported 28 people were injured in the crash.

Larson was not among the injured, as he walked out of his number 32 car under his own power.

Reigning Sprint Cup champ Brad Keselowski was among those involved in the crash, while Tony Stewart emerged from the mayhem to win the race.

"I'm just hoping everyone is OK," Keselowski said afterward. "As drivers, we assume the risk. But fans do not."

Watch video of the crash below.