Nash looks back with boxed set


CLEVELAND -- Looking back with an eye on the future is what Graham Nash has been up to these days. The rock veteran tells he's putting the finishing touches on a 65-song career-retrospective box set, "Reflection," due in February.

"I've been remixing songs for my box set," says Nash, 65. "It starts in 1964 and ends in 2004. So it's the Hollies to the last record that David (Crosby) and I put out. And everything is in there. It's me solo, me with Crosby, me with Neil (Young), me with Stephen (Stills) and Neil, and me with Stephen, Neil and David."

He adds, "I had never actually listened to 65 pieces of my own music in a row. Why would I ever have the need to do that? But it was very interesting. I'm a pretty decent writer."

Among the material included in the box set will be unreleased tracks, as well as different versions or mixes of previously released songs.

Currently Nash is on a month-long stateside jaunt with Crosby in support of the duo's 2004 double-disc effort "Crosby-Nash," which was condensed in 2006 into the single disc release "Highlights." As for the future, Nash says a solo album could be in the works. He's already written eight songs, some of which -- including "Lost Bird" and "In Your Name" -- could receive stage time on the current tour. The twosome is scheduled to perform tonight (Oct. 1) in Louisville, Ky.

When asked whether there are plans to record new material in any of his famous incarnations, he says, "Well, Crosby and I, right after this tour, are going to Australia with Stephen (for a Crosby, Stills and Nash tour), and then after that, I'm going back into the studio."

He adds, "So I'm going back in, and if anybody wants to join me, they're welcome. That's the way we do it."