How Nasty Gal's Sophia Amoruso Is Helping Ambitious Women Become Real #Girlbosses

Sophia Amoruso  - P 2015
Courtesy of ID Public Relations

Sophia Amoruso  - P 2015

The second round of GIRLBOSS Foundation grants have just been awarded to creative lady entrepreneurs looking to build their businesses bigger.

Last August, Sophia Amoruso and the Nasty Gal team launched the GIRLBOSS Foundation to help women in design, fashion, music and the arts launch their businesses, with the ultimate goal being to empower "creative women to take over the world."

The second round of winners was revealed last week, beginning with an Instagram posted by Amrouso herself congratulating Roseli Ilano, a textile and rug designer from Oakland, Calif. 


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To date, Amoruso and the Nasty Gal team have awarded grants (between $500 and $15,000) to seven lady entrepreneurs, with recipients ranging from an accessories designer to a "novella" publisher and even the founder of a coding startup aimed at providing affordable services to young women. 

"Receiving the GIRLBOSS Foundation grant is an incredible honor and we are so excited!" said grant winners Alicia Rhodes and Natasha Endrei of Aeline (pictured above), a company that produces a pattern-making material for designers, on Nasty Gal's GIRLBOSS blog. "It is going to help us achieve our goals by providing the means for more production, costs for shipping to the customer, gifting samples, improving our e-commerce platform and expanding into new product development."

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At the moment, the Foundation provides only funds and publicity through massive retailer’s extensive social networks, but Amoruso has big plans for building a community of entrepreneurs in the future. When asked if we can expect to find any of the grant recipients’ products for sale on Nasty Gal, she remarked, "eventually, this would be amazing. I'm already obsessed with the scarves that Christin [Chang] of Chrisu Scarves makes, as well as Roseli Ilano's rugs for Ilano Designs."

Though they only advertised the program over social media, the grants have already garnered interest from hundreds of applicants across the country — which is impressive considering the rigorous application process. Interested entrepreneurs must not only submit a great idea, but also a business plan and a personal statement about “why you’re a badass.”

“We are very strict about the application requirements, as it allows us to get a full picture of an applicant's business," says Amoruso. "Creativity is incredibly important, but drive is equally so. I know so many super-talented people who are very creative but can't seem to drive things all the way through to actually accomplish things."

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And her advice for becoming the ultimate Girlboss? "Stand out from the pack! Look less rinky-dink than you are. Fake it 'til you make it, but be sure you can keep your promises."