Natalie Morales Takes Aim at "Vile" James Toback: "Now the Whole World Knows"

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Natalie Morales

The 'Access Hollywood' host recently described her own encounter with the filmmaker and alleged unwanted sexual advances.

Access Hollywood host Natalie Morales called out “vile” director James Toback on Tuesday's episode of the long-running entertainment newsmagazine.

Addressing the number of sexual harassment allegations made against the filmmaker, which now total in the hundreds, Morales added her own claim against Toback and called him out for his backlash against his accusers. “To suggest that nearly 300 women, including some big-name stars like Julianne Moore and Rachel McAdams, are lying or just piling on … none of these women, and I can assure you, not a one wants to admit to the humiliation and the degradation they say you subjected them to on that day you first approached them with your ‘I’m a famous director' line and promise of a movie role," she said.

Morales had previously recounted her “encounter” with Toback, tweeting the director used "exactly the same playbook" on her when they met in Central Park years ago.

She described the experience on a recent episode of Access Hollywood, saying, "I was about 25, 26 at the time, and I encountered James Toback … I was thinking he’s legitimate. Then he starts, well, let’s just say it this way, he makes it very clear with the conversation as I’m walking and he’s walking along that he wants to get to a secluded area of the park, which I did not go there, and he also proceeded to say that if you want to be in the movies you gotta be willing to show yourself."

"Fortunately for me it was just an encounter, where it was pretty clear what James Toback wanted," Morales said on-air Tuesday. "You know what you did, you know your playbook, and now the whole world knows, too. And hopefully, you pay the price now and are subjected to your own humiliation and worse.”

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