Natalie Portman: Jackie Kennedy Was "Encyclopedic in Her Knowledge of What Was Going On" | Actress Oscar Roundtable

"She knew every single name and party affiliation and lobbying position of every person that ever walked into [John F. Kennedy's] office."

Playing Jacqueline Kennedy presents "a different challenge," Natalie Portman told The Hollywood Reporter during the Actress Oscar Roundtable.

in regards to playing the iconic historical figure in Jackie, the Oscar winner said, "You have to sort of get to a threshold of believability before anyone can ever relate to you emotionally, because if you don't just pass that initial — 'does she look enough and sound enough and walk enough like her that we can buy her as this character?' — then they can't lose themselves in the story, no matter what story you're going to tell."

Portman said that working is actually a grounding force in her personal life: "I feel like all of the stuff I guess I need to be crazy about, I can do at work."

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