Natalie Portman, Kristen Stewart Named Forbes' Most Bankable Actors

The Cannes Boom: Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman will star in and produce the Western "Jane Got a Gun" for director Lynne Ramsay. CAA is shopping "Jane," seeking a mix of equity, foreign presales and a domestic distributor to finance the film, a popular recipe now that studios are cutting back on their slates.

On a list composed mostly of tentpole franchise stars, Portman leads the pack due to her Oscar-winning turn in the indie "Black Swan," with Stewart coming in a close second; surprise inclusion Kevin James rounds out the Top 10.

Add another achievement to Natalie Portman's ever-growing list: most bankable star.

The Oscar-winning actress tops Forbes' list of Hollywood’s Best Actors for the Buck, returning $42.70 for every dollar a studio spends on her.

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While more than half of the list is composed of actors coming off incredibly profitable tentpole franchises, Portman's topping of the list is notable due to the fact that it was an indie film (Black Swan) that pushed her ahead of everyone else. Swan's worldwide gross of $329 million (on a $13 million budget) made it one of Hollywood's most profitable films. When her other major studio releases were added to the mix -- No Strings Attached, which grossed $150 million worldwide, and Your Highness, which flopped -- Portman came out on top.

Kristen Stewart came in a close second on the strength of the Twilight franchise and Snow White and the Huntsman, returning an average of $40.60 for every dollar she earned. She is followed by Shia LaBeouf ($35.80) and Stewart's Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson ($31.70). Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe ($30.50), rounds out the top five.

A big surprise on the list is Kevin James, who comes in at No. 10 with a $22.40 average return.

The actors' return on investment was calculated using information on their earnings from Forbes' Celebrity 100 list, box-office grosses and budget estimates, using "the last three films each actor starred in over the last three years that opened in more than 2,000 theaters," according to the announcement. Supporting and ensemble roles were not considered, neither were animated films.

This list is far more positive than Forbes' Most Overpaid Actors list for 2012, which was released earlier this month with Eddie Murphy topping the list, returning an average of just $2.30 at the box office for every dollar he was paid.

For the complete top 10, see Forbes.