Natalie Portman Reacts to Ballerina's 'Black Swan' Claims

"I know what went on," she says after a ballerina says the actress only performed 5 percent of the moves in the movie.

Natalie Portman isn't interested in dignifying recent remarks made by her Black Swan double that she only performed "5 percent" of the dancing in the Darren Aronofsky horror flick.

Speaking with E! News to promote her new stoner comedy Your Highness, she said:  “I know what went on. I’m really proud of everyone’s work on the movie and of my experience. And I’ll have that forever. So it’s nice for me to always know about that no matter what kind of nastiness or gossip is going around.”
It is the first time the actress (who won a Best Actress Oscar for her role) has responded to ballerina Sarah Lane’s claims, which were disputed by Portman’s co-star Mila Kunis and director Aronofsky.
Aronofsky even released a statement to THR stating that Portman did "111" of the 139 dance shots."