Natalie Portman: Winning an Oscar Feels 'Very Dreamlike'

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

But naming her unborn baby Oscar? "Definitely out of the question," the best actress winner jokes.

Natalie Portman says winning a best actress Oscar for Black Swan "feels very dreamlike. I don't really know where I am, I suppose."

But, she told reporters, she won't be naming her baby Oscar.

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"I think that's probably definitely out of the question, yeah," she said while laughing.

Portman -- who declined to answer questions about John Galliano's suspension from Dior, for which she is a spokeswoman -- said she didn't "really remember anything that happened" once her name was called. But her baby was being a "little dancer."

She said she has "no idea" if motherhood will change the types of roles she takes on. "It's one of the most exciting things about being pregnant -- I am accepting the complete unknown… a complete mystery and miracle," she said.

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Being pregnant during awards season has been "a protection," she added, "against all the hoopla, the part that just keeps me centered [on] what actually is important in the midst of a lot of shiny stuff that is real superficial."

Portman -- who said she does not know the sex of her child -- says she's most looking forward to the end of award season so she can "[stay] in bed, and not [have] to do my hair and makeup and [keep] my sweats on… relaxing for my child to be healthy and happy…I think what every parent could only wish for."