Natalie Portman's Father Shopping Pregnancy Thriller (Report)

Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

"Misconception," Dr. Avner Hershlag's self-published debut novel, is said to be making the rounds at major publishing houses.

Pregnancy must be a hot topic at Natalie Portman's family gatherings.

Not only is the actress expecting her first child with fiancé Benjamin Millipied later this year, but her father is now shopping a pregnancy thriller to major publishing houses, according to the New York Observer.

Dr. Avner Hershlag is actually a fertility specialist, so he knows a thing or two about the matter. He self-published his debut novel, titled Misconception, which centers on errant cloning experiments and involves a first lady's embryos.

Hershlag told the Observer his plan had always been to publish the book -- which he described as a "reproductive thriller" -- in a conventional manner but ran out of time for edits. When friends read the book and praised it, he decided to shop it around.

As for Portman (who was born Natalie Hershlag) and his future grandchild, he said: "When I hold a baby that I knew as an embryo a year ago -- I can't even describe the feeling. It never goes away. And when I think that a few months down the road I'm going to hold the baby that's going to be my grandchild ..." Guess you could say he's excited about becoming a grandfather.