Natalie Wood Biopic: Should Michelle Williams, Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan or Emma Stone Play the Icon? (Poll)

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Given the current fascination with the actress' mysterious death by drowning in 1981, a film can't be far off so which of Hollywood's hottest actresses should portray the star?

The investigation into Natalie Wood's death (Nov. 29, 1981) near Catalina Island, has been reopened and the testimony of the ship's former captain Dennis Davern -- he believes her husband Robert Wagner was responsible for her death -- is making Wood and Wagner's names go viral on the Web.

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Even her sister Lana Wood (Lana with her older sister Natalie below right) appeared on Piers Morgan's show last night to talk about Davern's guilt over covering up details of that fateful night. At the time, the autopsy revealed that her body had two dozen bruises and her red down jacket-- was blamed for her drowning -- was actually found floating in the water near her body.
Considering the intense interest in this unsolved Hollywood tragedy, its pretty certain that someone in the industry is considering a movie about the iconic couple. So which actress would be best to play Natalie, a former child star who was only 43 at the time of her death, just a few years older than Marilyn Monroe, who died at 36 of an overdose.  

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Emma Stone certainly has her mischievous smile and wide eyes. Michelle Williams did Monroe full justice in My Week with Marilyn, with not just an hip-wiggling impersonation but a soulful portrayal of a troubled insecure beautiful young woman.  Another likely candidate would be Shame star Carey Mulligan, a very talented young actress who can transform herself with ease. Then there's Harry Potter star Emma Watson, who has the potential to serve Natalie's memory well. No doubt Lindsay Lohan would kill for the role but we doubt the child star has the acting chops for it. Besides, she's too busy going in and out of jail.
Wood appeared in over 20 films as a youngster, starring with Maureen O'Hara, Jimmy Stewart, Bette Davis and Bing Crosby. Her most well known is Miracle on 34th Street. The sixteen-year-old was nominated for an Oscar  for her supporting role in Rebel Without a Cause alongside James Dean. She was also nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA for her role in Splendor in the Grass (1961). In 1964, she was O-nominated for Love with a Proper Stranger opposite Steve McQueen. Her other notable films were The Property is Condemned and Inside Daisy Clover, in which she costarred with Robert Redford.  
Wood may be most famous for her singing and dancing roles in the musicals Westside Story and Gypsy. But she made some bad calls, turning down Ali McGraw's role in Goodbye, ColumbusMia Farrow's role in The Great Gatsby and Faye Dunaway's role in Bonnie and Clyde.
Wood also had personal problems, a controlling stage mother, a nervous breakdown, a lost childhood, troubled relationships with men (she married Wagner twice) and the aging issues that still confront actresses today. She is survived by her two daughters from two husbands Wagner and Richard Gregson: Natasha Gregson and Courtney Wagner and her body is buried in Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery
Who do you think could do Natalie Wood justice? And if you don't like our picks, add your own.