Natassia Malthe Joins Thriller 'Backwards Forward Forever' (Exclusive)

Natassia Malthe - Getty - H 2019
Credit: Mike Coppola / Getty Images

The model and actress, who in 2017 accused disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein of rape, will join Rick Ravanello and Marius Stanescu in the film.

Norwegian model and actress Natassia Malthe is set to star in Backwards Forward Forever for Luna Films and Creation Ink.

Malthe will join Rick Ravanello and Marius Stanescu in the character-driven dramatic thriller, which is being shot in Romania and fixes on a man about to be served his comeuppance from wrong doings of the past.

John Lake is a man who must never remember who he is, where he has been and what he has done. He must remain unidentified. To survive in a new and unfamiliar world, John must move forward, become just a regular guy. But the ghosts of John’s past can never be erased. Wherever he goes, whatever he does, those ghosts are watching and waiting for him. Their retribution will be merciless and eternal.

Backwards Forward Forever is scripted by Gareth Brookes and produced by Cristina Barbacioru and Sean HusVar.

Malthe is best known for her work in action-centric fare like DOA: Dead or Alive and Elektra, and last appeared in Albert Hughes’ Alpha.

In 2017, she joined numerous other women in accusing film producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual improprieties. At a press conference in New York she alleged that the producer had raped her in a hotel room in London after the 2008 BAFTA awards. 

Luna Films, whose horror jaunt Hotel of the Damned was released in North America by Uncork’d Entertainment in 2016, is currently in post on the upcoming series Three Knee Deep, starring Louis Mandylor, James Marshall and Holt Boggs.