Nathalie Dubois-Sissoko launches NDS

Based Los Angeles, Paris and Dubai

CANNES -- After spreading the love through the film world with her gift lounges, Nathalie Dubois-Sissoko is moving into movie production with her shingle NDS Films.

Through her company DPA, Dubois-Sissoko ran luxury hand-out suites at movie festivals including Dubai, Cannes and Venice, welcoming a plethora of A-list talent. "Producing movies was the next step for me. It was time for me to start work on different projects that actors or directors were proposing me," Dubois-Sissoko said. "Our goal for NDS films is to produce good quality movies, with amazing stories and well-known actors."

NDS Films is based in Los Angeles but will also operate in Paris and Dubai and is currently developing several projects, none of which have yet been unveiled. DPA, which is not in Cannes this year, will be adding new locations for the fall and winter 2008, and plans to be back in Cannes in 2009 with a totally new concept.