Nathan Fillion on 'Glee': I Want to Play a 'Mean' Broadway Scout

Adam Larkey/ABC

The "Castle" actor tells THR that he and co-star Stana Katic "finally find reason to lock lips."

Nathan Fillion is ready to showcase his singing talents on Glee.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the Castle star moments after Saturday’s Thrilling Adventure Hour at the Largo, and he took a turn on the casting couch, outlining the role he’d most like to play on the Fox show — and an episode he's vying for on his ABC series.

And don’t worry Castle fans, we also address the upcoming kiss.

THR: Is there anything on Castle you can talk about?

Nathan Fillion: Well, you know, the "Will they or won't they?" is the big question. Will they or won't they? Will they or won't they? And Castle and Beckett (Stana Katic) -- things come to a head and they finally find reason to lock lips, to really, really smooch it up. No holds bar, '30s boxing-style making out.

THR: Is that really going to happen?

Fillion: It's for real. It's a real smooch, not a pretend smooch.

THR: Have there been any ideas that you've pitched to the writers of Castle?

Fillion: I'm constantly pitching ideas. I'm constantly pitching episodes. One I've pitched is where we run an episode -- it'd have to be a much shorter story, a more confined story -- but we would see it over and over again from different people's perspectives, from their points of view. So in Castle's perspective, you'll see him as super cool and everybody's really into him. From Detective Ryan's (Seamus Dever) perspective, everybody's shorter than he is. And for Esposito (Jon Huertas), there would be a lot of salsa music going on. Running the same story, but told a different way.

THR: Are there any shows that you would love to be on?

Fillion: Sure. We just saw James [Urbaniak] here from Venture Bros. and I really enjoy that show. I'm looking forward to going back. Shows I'd love to be on? How I Met Your Mother, Glee.

THR: Who would you play on Glee?

Fillion: A scout, some kind of Broadway scout. I'd be very mean and I wouldn't sing. I wouldn't sing until the very, very end and only like a couple of notes. I would also love to go back to One Life to Live. They just got a new Joey, the character I played, so I would love to go back and just do a walk-on where Joey's in the middle of something super serious, [acts out bumping into him] and says, "Oh, hey. Sorry," and then just keep waking. I would love to do that.

THR: Not even address what's going on?

Fillion: Not even say anything, just an "Excuse me." And then him go, "Wait, was that? No ..." I always think those are hoots. I heard recently that One Life to Live did a little nod to Castle. One of the characters was being interrogated by my uncle Bo Buchanan and he said, "No, no! This isn't Traffic. I know how this goes, I watch Castle!" I like that kind of stuff.

THR: Are there are any movies that you are dying to see?

FiIlion: I just saw an advanced screener of Tangled.

THR: That’s funny, I just saw it right before the show, actually.

Fillion: It's so good! The characters are great, the animation is incredible. I went back and rewatched Beauty and the Beast and I remember loving that movie. The animation wasn’t really that great. I think it was after Aladdin, and Aladdin was fantastic and that one was so subpar and it had some continuity errors.

THR: Wow, so you're picking apart these animated films too.

Fillion: I'm very visual and I was disappointed it didn't hold up, but Tangled, my god, there is nothing wrong with that movie. What they're doing with voiceless characters. I mean, the talent aside that's going into it with Mandy (Moore) and Zach (Levi), all those people are fantastic, but the characters like the horse and the chameleon. They're my favorites.

Castle airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. on ABC.