Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest: Joey Chestnut Loses Reigning Title to Matt Stonie

Matthew Stonie - P
AP Images

Stonie devoured 62 hot dogs on Saturday at the Coney Island contest, broadcast on ESPN 2.

Matt Stonie, of San Jose, Calif., took home the championship title for Nathan's famous hot dog eating contest on Coney Island Saturday morning.

"I came in prepared," Stonie said. "We work hard for this and my body was working for me this year."

Stonie's win from devouring 62 hot dogs was an upset to eight-time consecutive winner Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, who came in second place.

"I just had trouble. I was slow and he was eating fast. I couldn't catch him," Chestnut said about losing.

Chestnut devoured 60 hot dogs in 10 minutes. He won last year with 61.

"There's no excuse. I just didn't find my rhythm," Chestnut said.