National Lampoon brings back Lemmings


NEW YORK -- National Lampoon will return to producing live entertainment by bringing back a re-imagined version of the Lemmings sketch comedy troupe, which launched the careers of John Belushi, Christopher Guest and Chevy Chase.

The company on Wednesday described the new show, called "National Lampoon Lemmings Comedy Troupe Presents America 2.0," as a 90-minute interactive show with short videos between sketches. It is designed as "a satire on today's blown-out tabloid world."

Characters include the Gangsta Rap Wizards and Michael Vick touting his new dog food.

As did its 1970s counterpart, the new Lemmings comedy troupe will showcase young sketch comedians.

"We have created a stable of talented actors, writers and filmmakers we look to grow within our family in our many television, film and Internet projects," said Lemmings producer Amber Lawson.

The Lemmings show was created by Lawson, director-producer Jay Leggett ("In Living Color," "Without a Paddle") and executive producer Scott Rubin.

The Lemmings cast includes Adam Devine, Anders Holms, Annie Savage, Blake Anderson, Jen Cain, Jillian Bellcq, John Moody, Mark Gagliardi and Sitara Falcon. Writers are Haley Mancini, Mike Rosolio, Andy Goldenberg, Pip Lilly and Beth Dover. Videos are created by Kyle Newacheck.

The Lemmings will go on tour this fall, with performances at colleges, theaters, casinos and corporate events nationwide, and plans to establish permanent play dates in key cities. The show opens in Los Angeles on Sept. 19.