National Lampoon inks Flim Flam deal

Will make three more movies with the production company

Nothing brings people together quite like a dirty movie.

National Lampoon has partnered with Flim Flam Films, the production company behind its forthcoming "National Lampoon's Dirty Movie," to distribute three more Flim Flam comedies during the next 18 months.

Flim Flam is run by Jerry Daigle and Alan Donnes, who will write and co-produce the first film of the deal, "Snatched," about a man who suffers an unfortunate but hilarious mishap during surgery. Daigle also will produce.

Lampoon and Flim Flam developed "Dirty Movie" jointly before Lampoon last week agreed to distribute the sketch-comedy feature. The film was Daigle's directorial debut, and Donnes co-wrote and co-produced it. The results fostered the expanded partnership.

"National Lampoon gave me a shot with the '(National Lampoon) Radio Hour,' and I'm so happy to have a home here," Donnes said. "I've been a devoted fan of National Lampoon as far back as I can remember. And even better, now I don't have to pay for any of their DVDs. Seriously, there's no better place for a Flim Flam Film than National Lampoon."

Added Tom Daniels, Lampoon's head of distribution: "This relationship is exactly what we look for as we have aggressively grown our National Lampoon library over the past 18 months. This will give us a constant and consistent flow of quality film projects along with the associated revenue stream. We are always on the lookout for fun, exciting projects to fill our pipeline as we have greatly expanded our domestic and international film distribution channels."