Native Forum set at Sundance


NEW YORK -- Four features and two short films from American Indian and Indigenous filmmakers will be showcased at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival's 13th annual Native Forum, featuring artist panels, workshops and networking events.

This year's discussions include "The Burden of Representation," which examines minority filmmakers' struggle to represent their communities while also staying true to their personal visions, and "Art & Technology Blended Worldwide," which explores new platforms for wider film distribution.

The four feature selections are the New Zealand romance "Eagle vs. Shark," from Taika Waititi (Te Whanau a Apanui); the drama "Four Sheets to the Wind," from Sterlin Harjo (Creek and Seminole Nations); the beauty pageant docu "Miss Navajo," by Billy Luther (Navajo/Hopi/Laguna Pueblo); and the Philippino tale of an abused girl, "Tuli," from Auraeus Solito (Palaw'an).

"Shark" appears in the dramatic World Cinema Competition and "Wind" is in the dramatic Independent Film Competition, while "Navajo" and "Tuli" are part of the Spectrum presentation.

The two shorts are the Christian missionary drama "Conversion," from Nanobah Becker (Dine), and the family drama "Move Me," from Jonathan Pulley (Laguna Pueblo), which also appears in the Short Film Competition.

This year's Sundance Institute/Ford Foundation Film Fellowship winners, who will have their projects developed with mentors, are Ginew Benton ("Looking Glass"), Julianna Brannum ("Ladonna Harris: Indian 101"), Melissa Henry ("Mosi Laizhini") and Nathan Young ("Heavy Metal Indians").

The Sundance Film Festival runs Jan. 18-28.