Nat'l Geo on roll with 8 shows


The National Geographic Channel has greenlighted production of eight new shows after breaking ratings records last quarter. Among the fresh starts will be "Inside Extraordinary Humans," four one-hour episodes investigating the ins and outs of the human body.

"Humans" will begin airing in July, beginning with "Science of Dwarfism" and "Science of Giantism," featuring interviews with some of the world's smallest and tallest people.

Other new programs on the National Geographic Channel include:

 "Road to War," a comprehensive look at how and why the war in Iraq began, featuring interviews with former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card, former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, Special Assistant to the President David Frum, former CIA officials and others who offer in-depth explanations for the controversial occupation in the Middle East. Produced by Towers Productions, Inc., the team behind the Emmy-nominated special "Inside 9/11," "War" is slated to air in August.

 "Animal Genius," three specials produced by National Geographic Television, examines the lesser-known talents of dogs, hogs and snakes. The first of the series, "Hog Genius," will premiere in September.

 "Lockdown III," a six-part series that goes inside prison to expose the characters, secret codes and unique culture that exists within the penitentiary. "Lockdown," produced by National Geographic Television, also is set to air in September.

 "Naked Science, Season IV," one-hour episodes that follow science experts as they investigate some of the biggest mysteries of the day. Produced by Pioneer Productions and Steadfast Television, the new episodes are scheduled to begin in the third quarter.

 "Engineering Program," two one-hour episodes that look closely at the construction of America's highways and the Los Angeles sewer system. "Engineering" is produced by Powderhouse and will begin airing in the fourth quarter.

 "Science of Superhuman Strength" and "Science of Steroids," two one-hour episodes, produced by Base Prods., identify the myths and realities of physical human strength and address the disputes surrounding the use of performance-enhancing steroids.

 "Battle Scene Investigation," three one-hour episodes, produced by Kurtis Prods., show the front lines of battles through they eyes of the men and women who fight them, featuring the experiences of soldiers who participated in the Vietnam and the American Civil wars.