NATO upgrades d-cinema regs


The National Association of Theatre Owners has revised its Digital Cinema System Requirements document.

"This addresses what is (still) needed for digital cinema to operate smoothly -- and that is required for a strong rollout," said Jane Durment, chief information officer at the Marcus Corp.

This new version of the 2-year-old NATO requirements is targeted to standards committees, product manufacturers and service providers.

It includes requirements for interoperability in commodity digital cinema servers, closed caption support, workflow automation (including key management) and exhibitor network security. The new document also introduces an exhibitor-driven universal theater identification scheme, and the Theater Management System is described in terms of three service functions.

"The document describes new areas where additional standards work is needed," said NATO digital cinema consultant Michael Karagosian, who developed the document with NATO members. "Completion and implementation of in-theater standards are important next steps in the development of digital cinema, and NATO will continue to actively pursue these goals."

NATO will present the revised requirements next week during a session at ShoWest in Las Vegas.