Nayan Padrai to helm 'Harry'

Indie romantic comedy centers on Indian-American student

Nayan Padrai has an Indian story to tell, American-style.

Padrai is directing the indie romantic comedy "When Harry Tries to Marry," which he co-wrote with Ralph Stein. The story involves a rich, 22-year-old Indian-American college student who shocks his assimilated Indian family with his desire to skip the whole "love marriage" thing and opt for a traditional arranged one with an Indian girl instead. The situation becomes more complicated when his feelings for a longtime American friend deepen.

"Harry is a very contemporary American guy until it comes to the subject of love and marriage," Padrai said. "His fear of making the wrong choice inspires him to resort to something that baffles his friends and family, and their reactions as they try to 'help' him are pretty funny. Although the events revolve around a family whose roots are in India, the story is really universal."

Rahul Rai, Stefanie Estes, Freishia Bomanbehram, Osvaldo Chavez Hernandez, Caitlin Gold, Zenobia Shroff, Tony Mirrcandani and Grant Kretchik star.

Padrai, Sheetal Vyas and Ritu Ahuja are producing under their 108 Production banner. Stein and Bhushan Thakkar are co-producing. Principal photography has begun in New York and India.