NBC: Awareness for new shows jumpin'


NBC marketing chief John Miller said all those ads for the network's fall shows that aired during the Beijing Olympics are paying off.

Miller said internal tracking shows that viewers' awareness of the network's fall lineup is up 59% after the Games.

"This is really above our expectations," he said. "We've seen gains in nearly every one of our shows. In almost every category we look at we see growth in awareness and intent-to-view."

Audience awareness of "Knight Rider" is tracking the highest, which was expected because of the remake's name recognition. But Miller said he also has seen significant bumps for the comedy "Kath & Kim" and the Christian Slater drama "My Own Worst Enemy."

Whether the improved awareness results in increased ratings remains to be seen. Four years ago, NBC tried debuting its fall shows right after the Games, which didn't prove particularly effective. At the time, the shows received a 40% boost, Miller said.

This round, the network is trying a staggered approach. The new reality show "America's Toughest Jobs" premiered Monday, and "America's Got Talent" resumes tonight. But the bulk of NBC's new shows debut in October. (partialdiff)