NBC business affairs chief exits

Rick Olshansky out as part of executive restructuring

NBC's business affairs chief Rick Olshansky is leaving the company.

Olshansky came to NBC Uni in June 2004 shortly after NBC and Universal Studios merged. He headed business affairs for NBC Uni TV Studios until 2007 when, following the elevation of the network's business affairs head Marc Graboff to president of NBC Uni TV, Olshansky was also given oversight of NBC as executive vp NBC Uni network and studio business affairs.

As part of an executive restructuring, Graboff, now chairman of NBC/UMS, is resuming oversight of the division's business affairs operation.

The move, first reported by the L.A. Times, is not related to Comcast's imminent acquisition of NBC Universal, which also recently consolidated its marketing division NBC Agency.

It is said to have more to do with Jeff Gaspin's summer promotion to chairman of NBC Universal TV Entertainment in the wake of Ben Silverman's exit. In the past several months, Gaspin has been taking a more active role in the oversight of NBC and its sister studio.

Olshansky was vp business affairs at NBC from 1997-99. He headed television business affairs for the Endeavor talent agency from 1999-2004 before rejoining NBC.