NBC, CBS reject anti-mosque ad

Commercial mixes images of 9/11 and Muslim militants

NBC and CBS have rejected an advertisement that urges viewers to protest a mosque being constructed two blocks from Ground Zero.

The broadcasters have refused to air the one-minute commercial, sponsored by the National Republican Trust PAC, which critics have called inflammatory.

The ad mixes images of 9/11 and Muslim militants while slamming a controversial proposal to build a mosque and Muslim community center in lower Manhattan.

"To celebrate that murder of 3,000 Americans, they want to build a monstrous 13-story mosque at Ground Zero," the narrator says over images of the destroyed World Trade Center. "This ground is sacred, where we weep, they rejoice ... that mosque is a monument to their victory."

Yet in rejecting the ad, NBC Universal advertising standards manager Jennifer Riley didn't specifically cite the controversial content, but rather the vague construction of its narration.

"An ad questioning the wisdom of building a mosque at Ground Zero would meet our issues of public controversy advertising criteria," she wrote. "However, this ad, which ambiguously defines 'they' as referenced in the spot, makes it unclear as to whether the reference is to terrorists or to the Islamic religious organization that is sponsoring the building of the mosque."

Reps from ABC and Fox said they had no knowledge of the ad being submitted to their networks.
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