NBC considers lifting Emmys tape delay

Ceremony would air live in all U.S. time zones

After airing the Golden Globes live coast-to-coast for the first time last month, NBC is considering doing the same for the Emmys.

NBC is discussing with affiliates a plan to air the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards live on Aug. 29.

Tape-delaying certain entertainment programs for the West Coast has been a longtime practice, but with fans increasingly getting their entertainment news on the online, Web-savvy Emmy viewers have to go out of the their way to keep from being spoiled during the telecast. (The Oscars are traditionally telecast live).

The tape-delayed Grammys also received a ratings boost this year, though that program emphasizes its music performances over passing out trophies.

One concern has been whether West Coast audiences would tune-in for a telecast starting at 5 p.m. Yet the Globes saw a mild ratings boost in January after embracing a 100% live transmission, notes Broadcasting & Cable, helping assure the network that such a format isn't automatically a turn-off.