NBC drops 'Enemy,' Jungle'

Both series dropped to new ratings lows in recent weeks

NBC has pulled the plug on freshman tentpole drama "My Own Worst Enemy" and returning sophomore series "Lipstick Jungle," sources said Wednesday.

The cancellations come after both shows dropped to new ratings lows in recent weeks, with the Christian Slater action series sinking to a 1.8 among adults 18-49 (4.3 million viewers) on Monday and "Jungle" falling to a 1.2 (3.3 million viewers) on Friday.

Although the "Jungle" number was an improvement on the previous week, the show's ratings have been below the line for a while and sunk into the red zone after being moved to Fridays.

NBC's expectation for the return of "Jungle" was modest, but "Enemy" was considered an important show. A spy thriller with a grown-up budget inspired by the "Bourne" movies, "Enemy" received NBC's coveted post-"Heroes" time period. That valuable Monday hour of scheduling real estate has become less worthwhile in recent weeks, however, as "Heroes" shed viewers -- weakening the lead-in for "Enemy" and hastening its decline.

No word whether Monday's episode will be yanked from the schedule, if the show will solider on for a few more weeks or what program will take its place. "Enemy" is now shooting its ninth -- and final -- episode. "Lipstick" has shot all 13 of its initial order.

Both are produced by Universal Media Studios; NBC had no comment.
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