NBC News Freelance Cameraman Now Free of Ebola

Ashoka Mukpo

Ashoka Mukpo has been in quarantine and receiving treatment for the disease

Ashoka Mukpo, the American freelance cameraman diagnosed with with Ebola earlier this month, has been declared free of Ebola. He will be leaving a biocontainment unit at the Nebraska Medical Center on Wednesday, NBC News reported.

"The knowledge that there's no more virus in my blood is a profound relief. I'm so lucky. Wish everyone who got sick could feel this," Mukpo tweeted Tuesday.

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Mukpo contracted the disease while on assignment in Liberia, where he was with NBC chief medical editor and correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman and three other crewmembers, who were placed in quarantine after violating an agreement to voluntarily quarantine themselves for 21 days. 

Snyderman has taken heat for violating the agreement, but Mukpo issued a serious of tweets in her defense Tuesday, saying he was never in close proximity to her.  

Mukpo said he would be launching an "Ebola Diaries" blog soon.

"I fought and won, with lots of help. Amazing feeling," he tweeted. 

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