NBC News Launches Twice-Daily Snapchat Show

Savannah Sellers and Gadi Schwartz - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of NBC News

'Stay Tuned,' hosted by Gadi Schwartz and Savannah Sellers, will stream weekday mornings and afternoons and once daily on weekends.

NBC News is breaking into Snapchat with its first show. 

The broadcast network's news division Wednesday will launch twice-daily Snapchat show Stay Tuned for up-to-date reporting, special features and breaking news.

Stay Tuned will be the first Snapchat show to publish more than once a day. New three- to five-minute video installments will be released mornings and afternoons every weekday and once a day on the weekends. It could also publish additional installments throughout the day during breaking news situations.    

Andrew Springer is overseeing the 30-person team at NBC News that has been tapped to produce the show. NBC News and MSNBC News reporters Savannah Sellers and Gadi Schwartz are set to host. 

The show will be aimed at Snapchat's predominantly young audience through its presentation of the news, says NBC News head of digital Nick Ascheim. That means including the vertical video, graphics and split screens that have become signatures of Snapchat. It also means leaving the news desk behind and telling stories in a new way. "We're making the assumption that [Snapchat viewers] are not necessarily following the news quite as regularly as our viewers do on more traditional platforms but that they are just as interested in and hungry for the information," says Ascheim. He explains that the hosts will make a point of explaining the importance of each story. "We'll tell you why it matters. We'll be explicit about that."

The show is the latest in a broad partnership between NBC and Snapchat's parent company that began during the 2016 Olympic Games. Since then, NBC has invested $500 million in Snap and launched a number of Snapchat shows, including companion series to The Voice and World of Dance

Stay Tuned represents the first third-party news show on Snapchat. It follows on the success of Snapchat-produced political news show Good Luck America and Discover channels from outlets including CNN and The New York Times

Stay Tuned is making its debut with STX Entertainment as its launch partner. Ascheim says they will work with Snap to evaluate the best way to integrate advertising into the show. The first installment of Stay Tuned is expected to premiere at 7 a.m. ET on Wednesday, July 19.