NBC News Taps Kristen Welker, Peter Alexander as Chief White House Correspondents

MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Current chief White House correspondent Hallie Jackson will shift to become senior Washington correspondent, and will add a streaming show to her purview.

With the Biden administration set to take charge in less than two weeks time, NBC News is making some changes in its Washington, D.C. bureau.

Some of the most notable are with its White House team. According to a memo sent Friday morning by NBC News president Noah Oppenheim, Kristen Welker and Peter Alexander will become NBC's chief White House correspondents.

Current chief White House correspondent Hallie Jackson will shift to a new role as senior Washington correspondent, and will also supplement her current MSNBC hour with a new streaming show for NBC News Now and Peacock.

Elsewhere, NBC chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell will also become chief Washington correspondent, while Monica Alba will join the White House team, which also includes Geoff Bennett and Kelly O'Donnell.

It's normal for the network news divisions to tweak correspondent responsibilities when a new administration begins, though the changes announced Friday come at the end of what Oppenheim acknowledged was a "tumultuous week" for the country.

Read Oppenheim's memo below.

Dear Team – As a tumultuous week comes to an end, I want to first thank everyone who contributed to our extraordinary coverage, especially those at the Capitol on Wednesday. It is a privilege to work with you as we document history. 

As we prepare for a new President to be sworn in, I want to share a few pieces of our coverage plans related to the new Administration. 

First, Andrea Mitchell will add another ‘chief’ to her name, taking on the title of Chief Washington Correspondent in addition to her long-time role covering all things international as our Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent. 

I’m excited to announce that Hallie Jackson will be following up her incredible run at the White House by stepping into a new role as Senior Washington Correspondent, covering big political stories and more for all of our platforms. She’ll continue to anchor her 10 a.m. hour on MSNBC, and will also launch a show for NBC News Now and Peacock, which we’ll have more to say about in the coming weeks. 

Kristen Welker and Peter Alexander will be our new Chief White House Correspondents, leading our coverage of the incoming Biden Administration. As if co-anchoring Weekend TODAY together wasn’t enough, this duo’s tenacious reporting has been at the heart of our political coverage for the last two administrations and the White House unit could not be in better hands. 

Geoff Bennett and Kelly O’Donnell will continue to serve as White House Correspondents and Monica Alba will join the team as well. Mike Memoli will also continue his extraordinary work covering all things Biden for the last 13 years, as will Carol Lee whose outstanding reporting continues to make us proud. 

Shannon Pettypiece will continue as Senior Digital White House Reporter focusing on all aspects of the Biden administration, the White House and the president. She will be joined by Politics Reporter Lauren Egan who will cover breaking news out of the White House for Digital. 

Please join me in congratulating those taking on new roles and thanking everyone for their terrific work.