NBC Olympics Invites Leslie Jones to Rio for Hilariously Live-Tweeting the Games

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Leslie Jones

Executive producer Jim Bell tweeted at the 'Ghostbusters' star: "You're officially invited to Rio. Want to come?"

Comedian and actress Leslie Jones can now add sports commentator to her résumé.

The Ghostbusters star celebrated Day 1 of the Rio Olympics by live-tweeting the Summer Games and offering real-time commentary as she cheered on Team USA.

"Yep I love the Olympics it's the only time all countries come together to compete! I love it!!" Jones tweeted, along with a video of herself decked out in red, white and blue and draped in an American flag.

Jones' enthusiasm was so apparent that NBC Olympics' executive producer Jim Bell took notice. He jokingly extended an invite for her to join the network's team in Rio after producer Mike Shoemaker (Late Night With Seth Meyers, Saturday Night Live) pointed out that bringing Jones to the event would bring the U.S. more gold medals and NBC a surge in ratings.

"You're officially invited to Rio. Want to come?" Bell tweeted at the actress.

Jones was quick to reply, telling Bell, "Don't play cause ya'll need me. I would have the whole Olympics pumped!!" Bell assured the actress that his invitation was sincere, writing that he'd connect with her personally about the details. "Everyone else stay tuned!" he wrote in response.

See some of Jones' live-tweets below.