NBC renews series, announces premieres


NBC has renewed freshman drama series "Chuck" and "Life" and sophomore hit "Heroes" for next season.

Additionally, the network Wednesday announced premiere dates for the series returning with original episodes this season.

"Chuck," "Life" and "Heroes" had been picked up for a full season this season. They won't air new original episodes in the spring but will be relaunched in the fall.

"We are thrilled to be bringing back the high-energy dramas 'Chuck' and Life' for next season," NBC's Ben Silverman said.

Added Marc Graboff, "These pickups are a sign of our confidence in these quality series and will allow the respective producers to get a head start on their creative arc for next season."

Following are the premiere dates for NBC's scripted series that have been picked up for additional episodes to air in April and May:

"My Name Is Earl"
(one-hour episode) -- April 3

"30 Rock," "The Office," "Scrubs," "ER" -- April 10

"Law & Order: SVU" -- April 15

"Law & Order" -- April 23

Additionally, "Medium" will continue its run on Mondays.