NBC sets 'Jensen' with P&G, Wal-Mart

Martin Smith Richardson Burton 490x200

Kellie Martin, Patricia Richardson among cast members

Two months before the premiere of NBC's two-hour movie/backdoor pilot "Secrets of the Mountain," the network has teamed with Procter & Gamble and Wal-Mart for another project, "The Jensen Project."

Like "Secrets," the tentatively titled "Jensen" will be funded by P&G, produced by Canada-based Muse Entertainment and air on NBC as a time buy.

Kellie Martin, Brady Smith, Patricia Richardson and LeVar Burton have been tapped to star in "Jensen," written by Monica Macer and to be directed by Douglas Barr.

Set in 1988, it revolves around 12 geniuses who move to an isolated spot in the Allegheny Mountains to form the Jensen Project. For 20 years, the group spend their time inventing ways to fix the world's problems and then share their discoveries freely and anonymously with the world. But when a few decide to take their latest invention, cash in and make names for themselves, it launches a cross-country race as the others try to stop them.

Production on "Jensen" is slated to begin Monday in Montreal. Joel Rice, Jeff Grant and Brian Wells are exec producing.

"Secrets of the Mountain" is slated to air April 16.