NBC stocks up on scripted episodes

Net orders more 'Law & Order,' 'SVU,' 'Trauma,' many others

NBC is loading up on primetime content, ordering additional episodes of several series.

The network is picking up additional episodes of 10 p.m. dramas "Law & Order" (three more) and "Law & Order: SVU" (two more), which can help fill gaps created by the departing "Jay Leno Show."

The network is also picking more of ratings-challenged 9 p.m.-drama "Trauma" (four) and more from Thursday comedies "Community" (three) and "Parks & Recreation" (two).

That means NBC will have 25 episodes of "Community," "Parks" and "SVU" this season. The "L&O" flagship will have 22. "Trauma" -- which was actually canceled at13 episodes before being given a second lease on life -- is now up to 20.

The additional pickups will help NBC stay in original episodes as much as possible for the remainder of the season.