NBC Uni doing digital division


NBC Universal said Thursday that it is dividing its digital distribution arm into three specialized branches and promoting three executives to foster them.

The groups that will now spearhead the company's digital distribution endeavors consist of digital platforms, wireless platforms and digital sales, with Michael Bonner, Salil Dalvi and Ron Lamprecht appointed to head the respective divisions. All three will report to Jean-Briac Perrette, president of digital distribution at NBC Universal.

"Salil, Michael and Ron have been instrumental in the development and execution of our digital strategy," Perrette said. "Their expertise and proven track record will help us continue to drive our business and help maintain our position as a leader in this new digital world."

Previously vp new media at NBC Uni Cable, Bonner will now take the role of senior vp NBC Uni Digital Distribution in charge of digital platforms, where he will lead NBC Uni's television content strategy and development across multiple platforms, including on-demand, electronic sell-through, interactive TV and IPTV. Most recently, Bonner led NBC Uni's presence on iTunes and the interactive applications for the Turin Olympics and the U.S. Open.

Dalvi has been upped from vp digital media to GM of wireless platforms, where he will oversee the launch of two new NBC Uni linear mobile channels and manage the growth strategy, product development and operations for NBC Uni's mobile content efforts. Dalvi is credited with leading the successful launch of NBC Mobile, the made-for-mobile network news offering.

Lamprecht is moving from vp new media at NBC Uni Cable to senior vp NBC Uni Digital Distribution in charge of digital sales, where he will lead digital sales and distribution of NBC Uni's tele-vision content to Internet portals, wireless carriers, emerging digital companies and nontraditional customers. Recently, Lamprecht orchestrated the distribution of two new mobile channels on MediaFLO and Verizon Wireless and the licensing of Universal film content to iTVN, Wurld Media and mSpot, among others.