NBC Uni shoots with 60Frames

Companies team for original series on multiple platforms

NBC Universal Digital Studio is teaming with 60Frames Entertainment to produce a slate of original series that will be shopped to advertisers.

60Frames brings to the table deals for projects with established creatives including Tom Fontana ("Oz"), John August ("Big Fish") and Scott Z. Burns ("The Bourne Ultimatum"), while NBC Uni can provide marketing and sales support to help get the series off the ground both online and on other platforms.

"Nobody is out there with this level of talent and quality in the digital space," said Cameron Death, vp at NBC Uni Digital Studio. "The power of distribution that NBC Universal brings to the table makes it a much easier answer for brands."

NBC Uni will take the lead on presenting the slate to Madison Avenue; the company's alliance with Omnicom Media Group Digital, announced in April, could come in handy, though brands could come from other agencies as well. That said, the launching or continuation of series in the slate is con¬tingent on sponsors getting on board.

"This was an exciting opportunity to work with a really strong partner," said Brent Weinstein, CEO of 60Frames, which continues to produce many other programs deployed via other distribution strategies.

Fontana is on board with action drama "Men With Guns: The Assassins," while August has created comedy "The Remnants" and Burns did "Love at First Sight & Other Dangers." NBC Uni also will contribute its own productions to the slate including documentary series "True Story."
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