NBC Universal Int'l Inks Deal With Sam Worthington Production Company

Luca Scalisi, a former exec with Eminem's Shady World will oversee Full Clip Productions' development and TV deal.


LONDON -- Sam Worthington's Full Clip Productions has signed its debut development andfirst-look TV deal with NBC Universal International, the studio's London-based global television production division.

Full Clip -- founded by John Schwarz, Michael Schwarz and Worthington last year -- will develop original content, as well as potential spin-off programming based on a number of its existing graphic novel projects as part of the deal.

Full Clip's first graphic novel, Damaged, will be released this summer and it has a number of films in development including Alan Quartermain for DreamWorks and Last Days of American Crime for Radical Studios.

It will also executive produce any joint projects with NBCU, under a new television division headed by Luca Scalisi, former executive for Eminem's entertainment and licensing company, Shady World Productions.

"Telling compelling, exciting, stories through characters we feel a deep connection with is what I love about my industry," said Worthington, who is currently in pre-production for the Clash of the Titans sequel, Avatar 2 & 3, as well as the Michael Mann produced, The Fields.

"We have a great opportunity to develop these stories with NBC Universal International. Television is a terrific medium to captivate an audience."

NBCU International has developed a run of successful projects like the hugely popular ITV1 dramas Downton Abbeyand Law & Order U.K., and is looking to develop ideas for the global marketplace, according to Michael Edelstein, president, NBC Universal International Television Production.

"Sam Worthington has great commercial instincts and a passion for telling original, character-driven stories," he said. "We are excited to work with Sam, John and Michael and look forward to helping them develop their extraordinary ideas for audiences around the world."