NBC's 'Fashion Star' to Begin Negotiations with IATSE (Exclusive)


As picketing continues, it appears that substantive talks are starting.

Fashion Star producers and IATSE officials are set to begin a meeting Tuesday afternoon to discuss a contract that would end a strike against the show, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. A meeting the producers had previously requested Monday afternoon ended up being cancelled, but this afternoon’s meeting is to begin shortly.

A source close to the situation said that email proposals had been sent back and forth, but characterized this afternoon’s talks by saying that the parties would be “in face to face substantive negotiations for the first time.”

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Meanwhile, picketing continued Tuesday morning, following a walkout on Saturday that halted production on the NBC reality competition program. The primary issue is pension and health benefits.

“The IA will continue to picket the shooting locations of Fashion Star until the crew has a union contract,” said IATSE organizer Vanessa Holtgrew on Sunday.

Picketing has been taking place at three locations: Hollywood Center Studios, a production location, and the offices of one of the production companies, Magical Elves.

The show is in production on its second season. It’s produced by Electus, 5x5 Media, and Magical Elves, as well as the Global Fashion Association.

STORY: NBC's 'Fashion Star' Asks to Meet With IATSE After Crew Walkout

NBC referred inquiries to Electus, but an Electus representative did not respond to an inquiry sent on Saturday. Nor have the other two production companies responded to inquiries from THR. IATSE declined to comment on the status of any talks with the producers.

Saturday’s picket lines numbered about 70 crew, according to IATSE.

The decline of motion picture and TV drama production in Los Angeles has left reality and half-hour comedy as key factors in the local business. IATSE has been active in organizing reality, and Holtgrew and IATSE official Mike Miller said to expect more job actions in the next few months.

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