NBC's Jeff Rossen: Charlie Sheen Wanted to Upstage the Oscars


The "Today" correspondent also explains why Sheen singled him out as a "rock star."

It turns out telling both sides of the story was not the only motivating factor behind Charlie Sheen's post-Oscars media blitz.

NBC News correspondent Jeff Rossen tells the Associated Press that Sheen said he wanted to upstage the Academy Awards during their interview for MSNBC's Today, which dominated the headlines the day after the awards show.

Sheen later called Rossen a "rock star" and said their interview was "pure gold."
"I think what he meant by calling me a rock star is that I kept my word to him," Rossen explained.
He added, "I told him from the very beginning [that] I'll make no agreements. I'm going to ask you whatever I want to ask you. The questions will be tough. Sometimes they will be uncomfortable. What I promise to you in return is that I will keep your answers in context. I'm not going to have any clever, tricky endings. I'm going to let you explain."
When asked if he gleaned anything about Sheen's mental state from their time together, Rossen chose his words carefully.
"It's tough to tell," he said, adding, "You can't judge a person fully on the basis of 10 hours."