NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Launches "Erase the Hate" Campaign Anthem With Timbaland, Princess Nokia

Erase the Hate Campaign - Screenshot - H 2018

The video for the campaign's official anthem coincides with the one-year anniversary of the Charlottesville riots.

The time has come to "Erase the Hate," according to NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, who has partnered with hip-hop artist Timbaland and rapper Princess Nokia for their social impact campaign that launched Thursday. The release of the "Erase the Hate" campaign video coincides with the one-year anniversary of the Unite the Right march and subsequent riots in Charlottesville, Virginia.

In the video for the campaign's official anthem, the artists call for change and urge communities to "join hands together and erase the hate."

"Now is the time. A time for a change. The start of a chapter. The turn of a page," said Princess Nokia. The rapper also takes a jab at a congressman, as she explains that the country needs "leaders who speak to youth" and bring equality.

In a behind-the-scenes video about making the anthem, the musicians say that joining forces on the song was a perfect fit. "I wanted to join this campaign more than anything simply because I have always revolved my life, revolved my music, revolved my passions around dismantling hate," notes Princess Nokia. "I'm a champion of love. I've always been a champion of love."

"Music is the most powerful tool to cure any negativity in the world," says Timbaland. "Being a part of this campaign is perfect for me."

Last October, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment chairman Bonnie Hammer announced the relaunch of the company's Emmy-winning "Erase the Hate" campaign across the collection of cable networks, which includes USA, Syfy, Bravo and E!

"When we launched Erase the Hate over 20 years ago, it was truly inspiring to see so many people rally around the call for inclusion over prejudice. We've dedicated a lot of thought for a very long time reimagining this campaign for today's digitally connected world because sadly, this work feels more urgent now than ever before," Hammer said in a statement, adding: "I've always believed people aren't born knowing how to hate; they are taught to hate. It's time to channel our energy into doing what we can to break this destructive cycle."

"Silence equals complicity. Hate and bias must be called out wherever and whenever we see it. We all have a part to play. Fighting hate means using the positions and platforms we have to make the difference we can," said Hammer. "I'm incredibly grateful to Timbaland and Princess Nokia for joining us to deliver Erase the Hate's message of equality."

According to the campaign's website, Erase the Hate aims to "amplify and accelerate the work of people and organizations on the frontlines of anti-hate, pro-inclusivity efforts." The campaign encourages citizens to step up and light the way "toward a more inclusive, equitable America."

Apart from an official anthem, the campaign will also implement an Erase the Hate accelerator, which will provide grants, coaching and mentorship from leaders in the field as well as marketing, publicity and skill-based support from her division's employee volunteer corps. A discretionary fund will also be implemented, designed as a real-time mechanism to provide micro-grants to people and organizations taking action in local communities during times of crises.

Stars throughout the NBCU cable portfolio with personal tales of intolerance and injustice will be featured in multiple video series that will run both on-air and online. A campaign manifesto video, also airing in rotation this weekend, features messages from Bravo's Andy Cohen and Padma Lakshmi, USA's Gina Torres, Ryan Phillippe, Dule Hill, Portia Doubleday, WWE's The New Day, Syfi's Christopher Meloni, E!'s Elizabeth Hurley and Zuri Hall and Erase the Hate advisory council member Soledad O'Brien.