NBCUniversal Sells 'Dance Your Ass Off' to Thailand Broadcaster Channel 3

Talent contest formats have been known to cause the occasional NSFW scandal in the country but the network believes they have a safe bet with the successful health-minded dance series.

SINGAPORE — Dance Your Ass Off, NBCUniversal’s weight-loss dance challenge format, has been sold to Thai terrestrial broadcaster Channel 3, in partnership with IPG Mediabrands by Ensemble, Branded Entertainment. Thailand’s Creatist Media has been tapped to produce 11 episodes of the show in Bangkok for Channel 3, to air on Saturdays during primetime beginning in Feb. 2013. The Thailand sale follows the series' recent run in China on ZheJiang Satellite TV.

Talent contest formats—Thailand’s Got Talent, The Voice, Academy Fantasia—have proven wildly popular among Thai viewers—despite, or perhaps partly because of, the occasional controversy they’ve kicked off by testing the line of local mores. Last summer, Channel 3 became embroiled in a nationwide publicity snafu when a 23-year-old female contestant on Thailand’s Got Talent unveiled the distinctly NSFW skill of using her bare chest as a brush to paint a human figure on a canvas. Her torso was blurred by local censors, but the incident resulted in a condemnation from the Culture Minister of Thailand and Channel 3 later issued an apology.

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Of the new Dance Your Ass Off commission, Surin Krittayaphongphun, Vice President of Channel 3 said, “We believe that as a TV station, we are obligated to promote the goodness for the society, not just for the purpose of entertainment. The programs we offer are informative, as well as inspirational to our viewers. Dance Your Ass Off is one of those meaningful shows aiming to promote the overall health of Thais.”

For their part, IPG Mediabrands’ managing director Manee Eabe said in a statement: “The reason we brought Dance Your Ass Off to Thailand is because the show brings a fresh relatable quality that differentiates it from other reality programs which focus more on singing and beauty.”