NCAA playoff debate rolls on


GLENDALE, Arizona -- Bleary-eyed college football fans were still talking on Tuesday about the Florida Gators' crushing 41-14 win over the top ranked Ohio State Buckeyes in the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) title game.

But mixed in with the raucous celebrations was a sobering discussion about the need for fool-proof playoff system to end the annual debate over who really is U.S. college football's best team.

All the polls on Tuesday unanimously confirmed Florida as number one.

But TV and radio talk shows continued to debate the trustworthiness of a quirky, complex BCS system that uses polls and computer rankings rather than a playoff format to decide the two schools to play in the championship game.

The second-ranked Gators earned their spot in the title game because a BCS computer crunched the data and determined that Florida's season added up to a mark of .944, narrowly edging Michigan with .934.

While the Gators return home with the crystal trophy, it was the plucky Boise State Broncos (13-0) who were the only Division I-A school to finish the season without a loss.

The Broncos, who became the feel-good story of the college football season when they upset Oklahoma 43-42 in a Fiesta Bowl thriller on New Year's day, believe they also earned a chance to play for a national championship.

"Let's play them next week," joked Florida coach Urban Meyer. "I know Boise State, I would not want to do that."