NCR installing download kiosks in airports

Customers will be able to rent or buy films, TV shows, music

NCR will install digital-download kiosks in stores operated by partner InMotion Entertainment in 57 locations in 35 U.S. airports.

Customers will be able to rent or buy films, TV programming or music by downloading content to portable SD memory cards or USB memory sticks.

"The kiosks will bring easy, affordable access to a wide choice of digital movies, television programs and music tracks for the first time to airport travelers," the Duluth, Ga.-based company said.

Blockbuster -- with which NCR partners on DVD rental kiosks -- is not involved in the download kiosks. NCR partnered with Seattle-based MOD Systems to develop the kiosk technology.

Execs said the venture keys on the proliferation of mobile platforms for streaming entertainment content.

"The modern airport traveler has limited and often inflexible options for entertainment on the go," NCR Entertainment vp Alex Camara said. "DVDs and CDs cannot be played on many portable devices. Movies and music can be downloaded to portable devices at home, but once travelers leave home, purchase options have been limited.

"Streaming content often cannot be accessed in air, and never without expensive fees," Camara added. "We are bringing faster and easier entertainment choices to consumers while they are on the go. This new technology, in partnership with MOD Systems, brings consumers simple, affordable and flexible access to entertainment."

InMotion president Jeremy Smith said the retail chain has expectations for the potential of digital entertainment kiosks and said the company hopes eventually to expand on the initial rollout of the program.