NCTA Boss Michael Powell Talks Periscope, YouTube, Amazon

Courtesy of NCTA
Michael Powell

He opens the annual cable show, renamed The Internet and TV Expo, with comments on pay TV disruptors.

Michael Powell, the CEO of cable trade association NCTA, on Tuesday opened the reimagined Cable Show, now known as the Internet and TV Expo, in Chicago by discussing Periscope, YouTube, Amazon and other disruptors of the traditional pay TV busines.

Industry changes "need to be accelerated with new urgency" amid “exponential leaps in” new consumer behavior, he said.

Asked about the Periscope disruption of Game of Thrones and the recent big boxing fight, Powell said: "The way I think about disruptions is
they [bring] an enormous amount of good" and some bad, such as a violation of IP and copyrights.

Plus, they tend to "frustrate" existing busines models. He explained that the fighters paid hundreds of millions of dollars premised on TV viewership.

He also said he was worried about Periscope piracy issues due to "the people who didn’t agree to be broadcast around the world." He said "that potentially has a negative side."

What other digital firms need to be watched closely? "Google you always have to intensely follow," Powell said. "They are how we mostly find things....The YouYube property is fascinating."

He also mentioned Amazon as important to watch.

And you have to watch the "really ground-up disruption" function providers, such as Vine, Meerkat and Snapchat, he said in conclusion.