Neat 'Feet': Penguins in No. 1 spot


Warner Home Video's "Happy Feet" stomped all over the competition to take the top spot on the national DVD sales chart, selling so well in its first week in stores that it already is the No. 2 seller of the year.

The animated feature, which grossed $197.3 million in theaters, sold more than 4 million units its first week in stores, according to Home Media Magazine's market research, outselling its nearest competitor, Sony Pictures' "The Pursuit of Happyness," by a margin of more than 2-to-1.

"Happyness," which generated $163.6 million in theaters, debuted at No. 2 on the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert sales chart for the week ending April 1. The film did, however, manage a first-place debut on Home Media Magazine's video rental chart for the week, with a rental take estimated at $10 million.

"Feet" debuted at No. 2 on the rental chart with $8.3 million, bumping the previous week's top renter, Warner's "Blood Diamond," to No. 3.

On the sales chart, a third new release debuted at No. 3, Universal's Clive Owen starrer "Children of Men," with the No. 4 slot going to 20th Century Fox's "Eragon," the previous week's top seller.

"Men," a critically hailed sci-fi actioner with theatrical earnings of $35.3 million, bowed at No. 8 on the rental chart, with earnings estimated at $5.3 million.